Available APIs

Index Exchange (Index) endpoints are grouped into the following APIs and have separate authentication methods. You can navigate through each API reference section to see a full list of available endpoints.

API reference


Authentication API

The Authentication API allows authentication to all Index APIs except the Client Audit Logs API and the Publisher API, which have their own authentication methods.

Reporting API

Create and schedule the automated delivery of custom reports for your own analytical purposes.

Deals API

View, create, and manage your Private Marketplace deals that you have negotiated with buyers. The endpoints allow you to perform the following:

  • Create and manage inventory groups
  • Create and manage deal settings
  • Retrieve targeting information

Supply Configuration API

Create and manage site IDs for the publisher accounts that you are authorized to access. Using this API, you can create, update, and get a list of all the site IDs for an account.

Keymaster API

Generates public and private key pairs to encrypt people-based IDs.

Blackbird API

Deletes a people-based identifier from an identity graph when a user requests to opt out of people-based advertising.

Client Audit Logs API

Access non-aggregated data for all events on the Index platform. The endpoints allow you to perform the following:

  • Retrieve client audit log files
  • Access mapping services
  • Access exchange rate service

Publisher API

Manage your inventory and campaigns. The endpoints allow you to perform the following:

  • Retrieve user profile information
  • Manage ad inventory
  • Manage floors
  • Control campaigns
  • Manage private marketplace deals
  • View reporting data